The Stan Simpson Show: What’s going on in the legislative session

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HARTFORD --  Hartford Courant's Capital Bureau Chief, Christopher Keating joins Stan Simpson to give the very latest on what’s happening behind the scenes at the state Capital.

Keating talks about several topics including proposals to build tolls, gender equity, marijuana, increase deposits for recycled bottles and the latest on casino expansions.

When asked about gender equality proposal, Keating said no matter what job it is, men and women are suppose to be paid the same regardless of experience.

"In the equity bill, men and women are suppose to be paid the same for the same job. And its really been that way for decades," he said. "A lot of people don't know that it's illegal to pay people different amounts if they are doing the same jobs even if ones a man or ones a woman."

Keating also talks about how Connecticut is trying to close another $1 billion budget deficit.