New Haven PD concerned about community programs under President Trump’s proposed budget

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NEW HAVEN --  Since before taking office, President Donald Trump has been touting his support for the military and local law enforcement.

However, if his budget passes as proposed, local police departments, like New Haven, could lose momentum.

Among Trump's proposed $54 billion in cuts, would be a reduction in federal funding for community policing programs. And, in New Haven, where homicides and non-fatal shooting victims have been cut in half over the last five years, largely due to community policing, that prospect is not sitting well.

"It is labor-intensive and it is expensive, but the results you can't put a price on," said Anthony Campbell, Interim Police Chief.

"The New Haven police are very kind," said Michael Sakelarakis, of Hamden. "They're very generous. I see them helping out the homeless of course and helping people get across the street."

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) said across the board, cuts in funding are indiscriminate and will be costly to our community safety. Blumenthal adds, any such measure would not make it through the Senate, where he said there is bipartisan disdain for this cut.