Meriden Humane Society one step closer to being able to stay in facility

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MERIDEN — The long running issue of whether the Meriden Humane Society can stay in its facility is one step closer to resolution.

City officials are willing to entertain a longer term arrangement for the group to stay in its building rather than vacate as originally decided by the city.

Guy Scaife, Meriden City Manager told FOX61 the city attorney is working with the Humane Society to draft a contract to satisfy both the city and the group. When that is complete; the Humane Society will take it back to council, likely at the May meeting.

In October, the group was told it had four months to vacate the Murdock Avenue property. City officials said the group overstayed its lease which expired in 2015.

This came after a series of controversies including the arrest of its director Marlena DiBianco for forging paperwork.

Since, the Meriden Humane Society Board of Directors pushed to bring about change in an effort to keep its home.

It removed DiBianco from her position and asked the city to extend the lease from the end of February. City Manager, Guy Scaife, said the MHS got an extension for three more months.

The group has paid off a third of its debt, including overdue vet bills, and said it’s on top of any current payments and payroll.

It also addressed some city concerns, including decreasing the cat population 50-percent.

As of now, the Meriden Humane Society has until May 31 in the current building.

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