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Dispatchers dealing with accidental 911 calls from Apple Watches

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TOLLAND – Emergency dispatch centers are fielding more accidental calls in recent months due unintentional contact with the screens of people’s smart watches.

The Tolland County Mutual Aid Fire Service is sending a warning to Apple Watch users about a spike in false calls or accidental wrist-dials.

Both Tolland and Hartford authorities said the inadvertent calls can take time away from those calling in with a real emergency.

Officials said Apple`s own description about how to use this SOS feature, they talk about the accidental call.

Tech expert David Ryan Polgar says the auto 911 dial feature on the Apple Watch is part of the SOS default settings, but can be disabled and could be a feature Apple tweaks down the road.

“Apple`s going to have to look at it and say well okay what are the pro`s and the cons of this? Is this something where we need to make a little more friction in it do we need to make it where we need to confirm the call?” said Polgar.

Hartford officials said to be careful when your phone is in your pocket or in your purse and make sure that the screen lock is in the on position.

Tablets, old smartphones, and pay as you go phones are still able to dial 911 even when deactivated and no longer connected to a service plan.

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