Pet of the Week – Benson

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HARTFORD -- Benson is a neutered male pit bull who is about four years old.

He is solid as a rock, but soft as a marshmallow, and was rescued from a local pound where he’d been housed for the last year.

His prior owner had abused him, as well as other dogs, and Benson ended up in “jail” when his owner was incarcerated.

He is mostly blind, at this time, due to severe cataracts. He sees shapes and changes in light, and needs for his handler to guide him by voice and leash.

He is friendly with everyone and loves people, gets along fine with other dogs, and has been great with dog-savvy children.

His ophthalmologist appointment is in May, but he’s clear to go to an adoptive home now! His eye sight poses some unique challenges, though, so his ideal home will have dog experience. Since he cannot see much, people need to be very vocal with him, so he knows where you are and when you’re approaching. He also needs someone alert enough to help guide him on a walk so he doesn’t bump into poles and other objects.

To learn more about Benson, or other pets that need homes, contact Protectors of Animals.