Only father-son Lego Master Builder team in the world based in Enfield

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ENFIELD -- What started with a few clicks has turned into careers for both a father and son in Enfield. Both Dan Steininger and his son Chris are Lego Master Builders.

What began as fun and games decades ago now pays the bills!

"It's really funny when we tell people what we do for jobs," Chris said.

Dan has worked at Lego headquarters in Enfield for 24 years added.

"When the question comes up and I say I'm a Lego Master Builder people go, "you do what!? You mean you actually build those big models and stuff like that -- and they pay you?!" Dan said. "Yes, they pay me and it's great."

Both Steiningers have traveled the world creating the super-sized models seen at Lego shows, exhibits for the Olympic Park in Rio, and even in the movies. Dan and Chris worked on creations for the original Lego movie and, more recently, lent their talents to the Lego Star Wars movie.

"There are only eight Master Lego Builders in the world," Chris said proudly. "And we are the only father and son team that work at the Lego Company."

After nearly a quarter century at Lego, Dan, 63, has been around the block -- millions of them, and has no plans to stop now.

"I'm doing this for as long as I'm having fun," he said. "And I'm still having fun."