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Farmington doctor makes rap video to teach about concussion dangers

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By Victoria Striebel and Austin Fletcher

FARMINGTON -- A doctor doing a rap video is not something you see every day.

Dr. David Wang is a sports medicine physician who had a dream to teach young athletes to learn about the dangers of concussions.

"I had a mission, I had a cause and I tried to enlist the services of experts to help me with my mission. I first started with a contact that I had at ESPN and  I sort of auditioned it," said Wang.

Wang says music is the best way to send the message to young people because musical relates to all ages and includes specific lessons in the lyrics.

"I wanted to make is so that they would listen to it. Music is the universal language and it was my hope that I could come up with a song that people would listen to. By doing that I hope that the message would get across.

Student athlete Hannah Mitchell agrees that this video leads others to recognize the signs of their concussion. "When I got my concussion I was pretty confident that it was in fact, a concussion. But I know a lot of people don't know until weeks later.  So I think watching this video people would definitely be more aware of and I can get help sooner."

Dr. Wong has aspirations to continue making music that will spread awareness for children and young athletes looking to play contact sports.

"I wanted to get the message to the people that matter the most."


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