Ellington man charged in wife’s 2015 murder pleads not guilty, waives right to probable cause hearing

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ROCKVILLE — Rick Dabate, the man accused of killing his wife, Connie Dabate, plead not guilty Friday. He also waived his right to a probable cause hearing.

Dabate was arrested on Friday, April 14, and posted his $1 million bail five days later by using real estate funds and cash surety.

Police arrested him after an investigation lasting over a year and a half. The investigation resulted in a 50-page arrest warrant detailing interactions between the couple, as well as witnesses accounts of the incident. The warrant also included Connie’s Fit-Bit tracker, that showed inconsistencies in Rick’s story.

Dabate said an intruder broke in to the couple’s home, tied him up and then fled the scene. Dabate’s wife was later found shot in the head and stomach.

Dabate was recently removed from being in charge of his wife’s estate, and the couple’s financial assets were frozen. Our media partners at The Hartford Courant say a probate judge appointed a guardian for the couple’s two children.

Dabate appeared before a judge at 10 a.m. in a Rockville court Friday.