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Hebron man convicted of manslaughter in case of a father killed in front of his son

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Michael R. Fortin convicted in the death of Jason Marchand on July 3 2015

ROCKVILLE —  Michael Fortin was convicted of manslaughter in the death of an Andover man Thursday.

Jason Marchand, 38, was killed in July 2015 at an Independence Day party. 

Fortin was found not guilty of murder and of risk injury to child, but was found guilty manslaughter first degree and guilty on carrying a pistol without a permit. His sentencing will be June 29.

According to state detectives, eyewitness accounts, and relatives, at approximately 9:15 p.m. on July 3, 2015 a man on a dirt bike pulled down a short gravel road that accesses a boat launch and private houses in Andover.  Marchand reportedly told the motorcyclist to leave the area because the bike was in the way, and he was concerned the tires of the dirt bike would kick up rocks and hit the neighborhood kids–who had gathered to watch fireworks.

Things got heated between the motorcyclist and Marchand. Eyewitnesses said there was cursing and that the motorcyclist then sped off. A little over an hour later, Marchand was roasting marshmallows with his son and some neighborhood kids in his backyard when the mystery man, now said to be Fortin, re-appeared and opened fire.

Eyewitnesses said Marchand was hit multiple times in the chest.  The shooter sped off again. Marchand died from his injuries.

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