History meets technology during a Shoreline Segway tour of Guilford

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GUILFORD -- There’s something about seeing historic Guilford by Segway that just feels right!

"Isn’t that unusual, too? Because you got old and new right?” laughs Richard Petrillo, owner of Shoreline Segway. This history buff, who has lived in the shoreline town for forty years, leads visitors on an experience that’s exciting and informative. But, first, participants must don a helmet and learn how to work the two-wheeled vehicle.

“The more you lean, the faster you’ll go,” Petrillo said during a mini-lesson. “You only need real subtle shifts of your body weight to operate it.”

The tour begins and riding the Segway becomes less intimidating and more intuitive.

"We discovered Segways eleven years ago and have been doing tours since then,” said Petrillo who glides through old neighborhoods before stopping in the middle of town.

"The center green was where the first cemetery was,” he explained, also sharing amusing anecdotes and fascinating facts. “If you painted your chimney that way, you’re showing your support for England.”

When traffic is light, participants make friends with passers-by and practice some fancy moves, making S formations in the street. Then, a well-known location comes into view.

"We’re at the Henry Whitfield Museum,” explained Petrillo. "It’s the oldest house in Connecticut and the oldest stone house in New England.”

With flexible legs, visitors are beckoned to the beautiful shoreline to gaze upon Guilford’s iconic red shack, off the coast on Grass Island.

"It’s probably the most photographed and painted building in town,” said Petrillo. “You see artists here with their easels painting it often.”

So, take hold, lean in and seek new adventure. See a beautiful Connecticut town in a new way, on a cool ride!

"When people first feel what it’s like to effortlessly glide along, almost everybody smiles,” said Petrillo. “That’s the Segway smile.”

Shoreline Segway tours operate seven days a week and are booked by appointment. A 1.5 hour Guilford tour costs $70 per person.  Click here for more information.