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Montville students tweet President Trump in hope of a meeting

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OAKDALE --  A group of students at Montville High School are resorting to Twitter in hopes of sending a message to the White House.

And with that, the Montville High students hope a tweet aimed at President Trump will gain his attention in time for his visit to the US Coast Guard Academy on May 17th for a commencement address.

Montville civics teacher George Dawe has been answering a lot of his students' questions since the 2016 presidential election. He figured the best way for his students' questions to get answered is for the President to respond personally.

"We have no political agenda. Kids just want to talk to the president," said Dawe. "Thirty minutes in a limo vs. hanging out with some high school kids. I don't think it's too much to ask for."

Dawe and his students penned a letter to the President asking him to formally speak at their school. They took a photo of the letter and tweeted it to President Trump along with the hashtag, "#POTUSTALKTOOURKIDS". In less than a week the post has been re-tweeted over 300 times.

His goal, stated in a letter that was tweeted to the President, says he hoped the President would "explain his vision for the future", along with the students asking questions. His hope is "to provide our students with an amazing educational experience". Dawes go on to say that the visit "could have a lasting impact on our students lives, school, town, and state."

Some students say they would like to meet Donald Trump simply because he is the president. Others like Giannpierre Aquino, who is of Peruvian descent, have more personal reasons.

"Something can happen to my family and I worry about that a lot. So I would ask him about his immigration laws and policies," says Aquino.

There's been no response yet from the White House, but the tweet is gaining traction in the twittersphere.

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