Residents won’t get to vote on East Windsor casino

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EAST WINDSOR -- The town of East Windsor held a public town meeting Thursday night and members of the community voted against an ordinance which would have lead to a referendum  on the building of a new casino coming to town.

In the final tally, 198 rejected the ordinance and 112 voted to accept, which means the plan will move forward without residents being able to vote on it.

The town's Board of Selectmen already approved the casino in February, but it doesn't mean that it is guaranteed to happen. Some people in the community were upset that there hasn't been a public vote on the casino.

Lawmakers at the capitol also have yet to approve the casino.

Uri Clinton, Senior Vice President and Legal Counsel, MGM Resorts International released a statement:

"While we think it is unfortunate that the residents of East Windsor have been denied a chance to voice their opinion on hosting a casino in their town, the news of the past few days regarding the state's finances has been eye-opening.  Given the magnitude of the growing-by-the-day fiscal crisis, it would seem like a really bad idea to jeopardize a guaranteed revenue stream of $250 million a year -- which is what the Attorney General has said might happen if the Legislature approves a casino in East Windsor."