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Homes in Hartford get repaired in part of National Rebuilding Day

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HARTFORD --  144 sites across the country had houses rebuilt Saturday including three locations here in Connecticut in part of National Rebuilding Day.

Hartford resident, Debora Washburn, has some problems with her house and after she put all her money towards buying the house, she doesn't have any left over to fix those problems.

"Power is not working in the basement, the toilet is not working and I got leaks up under the sink and I need new windows," said Washburn.

Washburn added, "My money ran out so the stuff they doing is the stuff I intended to do but didn't have the money to do."

People gathered to help rebuild 22 houses in northeast Hartford for low income homeowners, who the majority are either elderly or disabled.

"We change a family's life every time," said volunteer Hugh Haun.

So after the planning in the morning it was time to get to work across six blocks to fix houses like Washburn.

"She's got leaky pipes no electricity in certain rooms no washer," said Haun.

"We're giving a new toilet a new washer that she doesn't know about," said volunteer Justin Pelletier.

The volunteers are making the houses accessible and energy efficient, working on strengthening the neighborhood along with the homes.

"I definitely think Hartford has it and when I look at these homes I see the history and also the families that live in there I can't help but to feel connected," said Danielle Matthews, Program Associate of Rebuilding Together.

And the end result? Priceless.

"Your'e done and the job is over and they come out and they say oh my god and they give you a big hug and a kiss and it makes you feel wonderful you know," said volunteer Brian McCain. "I am very happy and very grateful."

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