The Stan Simpson Show: President Donald Trump vs. truth

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HARTFORD --  Former Hartford City Councilman Ken Kennedy and Senator Joseph Markley, join Stan Simpson to talk about President Donald Trump's initial plans he made during his campaign.

During his presidential campaign, President Trump spoke highly on building a wall on the Mexican border. Countless times the President made it clear that this is something he feels confident will get done.

Markely said he thinks the president's plan for a wall can still happen.

"He wants to secure the border," said Markley. "I think the people in the country want the border secured. I think that's going to happen one way or another. How physical that barrier is doesn't matter, what matters is if it's an effective barrier. You know, you got to do that to have a country. It's not to say we're going to let people in, that's a different decision, that's a policy decision."