Warm, summer-like today; cool spring temperatues Sunday

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Summer weather will stick around for one more day today. Then if you like it a bit cooler, spring returns Sunday.

Clouds will break for some sun and temperatures will climb into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees! It will be warm right down to Connecticut's beaches with a warm westerly wind.

Sunday the wind switches direction. A northeast wind will bring a return to cooler temperatures with highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. There is a slight chance for a shower in a couple of towns, but most us will not see any rain.  In fact the most of us will see the sun.

There are a few chances for rain next week.  One will be Monday night into Tuesday morning (just a few showers). There are growing signals for a period of heavier rain later next week (beginning Thursday and continuing through Friday and possibly into Saturday) from a slow-moving storm.

Forecast Details:

Today: Clouds break for sun, warm and pleasant. High: Near 80.

Tonight: Partly cloudy to clear, much cooler. Low: 47-52.

Sunday: Partly sunny, slight chance for a light shower. High: Low 60s.

Monday: Partly sunny, chance for a late/evening shower. High: Low 70s.

Tuesday: An early shower in the morning, than clearing in the afternoon. High: Mid 70s.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High: 60s.

Thursday: Increasing clouds chance for rain in the afternoon. High: 55-60.

Friday: Periods of rain. High: 50s

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