Quinnipiac students finish year living at Masonicare  

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WALLINGFORD -- The two Quinnipiac students who left their college roommates to live in an assisted living facility are about to finish out their school year.

The students are pursuing careers in senior care and were chosen to live with roomates born in a different decade.

Masonicare and Quinnipiac University tried for two years to make it happen.

And after a competitive process, senior Victoria Kozar and graduate student Joseph Huberman moved in.

“It’s been nothing short of wonderful my experience here.  The friendships I’ve made are some of the best I have. The residents here I share my meals with and there's always someone to come home to,” said Kozar.

“It’s been a great experience, it's been a great honor to be a part of,” said Huberman.

The students say they learned new things daily about the value of understanding different generations.

Masonicare and Quinnipiac hope to continue their partnership long term.