Allergy season in full effect

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WOODBRIDGE -- You may love spring’s blooms, but you can’t have spring blooms without pollen.

And while for many it’s just a nuisance on your car, for others, 2017 is very impressive. It’s a problem when the person saying that is an Allergist. Dr. Florence Ida Hsu has been busy with patients feeling the pain.

"A lot of people are very symptomatic this past weekend when the trees seemed to come out in full force," said Dr. Hsu.

So what’s to blame for the busier than normal season? You guessed it, the weather. And for that winter that wouldn’t end? It just delayed blooming trees until recently, and once they bloomed? The season constricted all that pollen that is coming out at once, causing problems for allergy sufferers.

But believe it or not, it’s the trees with the pretty flowers that are causing the least amount of trouble for the sufferers.

"It’s the non flowering trees birch, oak, maple, those are the peak right now,” said said Hsu.

Hsu said the tree pollen season will still give way to grasses in early May. Until then, the only hope is to fight back one spray at a time, or maybe two.

"They often need to double and triple up on therapies," added Hsu.

But here’s some good news, Nasacort, Rhinocort, Flonase for the first time ever, are now available over the counter without a prescription.