High levels of arsenic, uranium found in private wells around Connecticut

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HARTFORD -- A report published Wednesday by the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Connecticut Department of Public Health, found that water from some private wells across the state have high levels of arsenic and uranium.

Federal, state and local health officials collected and analyzed water samples from 674 private wells in Connecticut. They found seven percent of the samples tested for Arsenic or Uranium at levels higher than Maximum Contaminant Levels, which are the standard for public water supplies and newly constructed private wells under Connecticut law.

“During our research, we discovered there was more Arsenic and Uranium in private wells than was previously known,” said Sarah Flanagan, USGS Hydrologist.

DPH said in a statement:

Arsenic and Uranium are metals that can be found naturally in bedrock around the world. Sometimes, water from wells drilled into bedrock aquifers can contain Arsenic or Uranium that has leached out of the bedrock. Arsenic exposure has been related to many adverse health outcomes and can increase the risk of certain cancers. It also may be a risk factor for a developing fetus, and can affect child intellectual function. Naturally occurring Uranium can have adverse effects on the kidneys, but does not have high levels of radioactivity and is not considered a significant cancer risk.

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