Police say 2 killed in murder-suicide at North Lake College in Texas

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IRVING, TX. — A math tutor at a suburban Dallas community college says she saw a man shoot a woman three times in the hallway of a campus building.

Nasrin Nanbakhsh says the woman was sitting in a chair at North Lake College in Irving when the gunman approached her Wednesday and fired.

Nanbakhsh said she ran into a room, locked the doors, turned off the lights and waited for help to arrive. She said she also emailed her supervisors to let them know what was happening.

Irving police spokesman James McLellan says the gunman took his own life after killing the woman.

The school northwest of Dallas was closed for the rest of the day.

North Lake College is a two-year public school that’s part of the Dallas County Community College District.

North Lake College issued an alert to students late Wednesday morning telling them to barricade themselves in the nearest room and wait for further instructions from police.

Irving Police said on Twitter that there was an “active shooter.”

A student there, Haseeb Ahmed, said he was in class when he heard three gunshots. It wasn’t immediately clear where the shots were fired.

Ahmed and his classmates have barricaded the door to their classroom, he said.

“We gathered the hardest materials in our possession to throw if something happens,” he said.

Both the school and the Irving Texas police tweeted about the incident. The school posted, “Proceed with others to the nearest room and barricade and/or lock yourselves in the room. Wait in place for further instructions from police. If you are not on campus, STAY AWAY for your own safety. We’ll update you as soon as we can.”

The school is located outside Dallas.

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