State leaders highlight improvement project; propose upgrades to Albany Avenue

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HARTFORD --   Neighbors who live along Albany Avenue in Hartford are looking forward to a project that many hope will revitalize the area.

Albany Avenue, also known as Route 44, an artery between downtown Hartford and West Hartford, is getting a $30 million dollar face lift in the form of better roads, parking, pedestrian access and an improved facade.

"Many in this community can't work in the community and the more you keep people in your community the more vibrant and more safe it is," said Denise Best, a resident of the community.

Neighbors said this project is badly needed to not only change the look and feel of this area, but to also change the perception and mindset of its people.

"A lot of urban areas have some type of dilapidated buildings and has some blight and structural issues so the way to change the mindset and culture is to make an improvement and make it look pretty," said Hartford City Council President, T.J. Clarke.

To get more neighbors involved in the process, the Department of Transportation is holding a job fair for this project. The job fair is taking place May 24th from 2-6 p.m., at the Artists Collective on Albany Avenue in Hartford.