Glastonbury school to reopen on Friday after scare; ventilation system gets fixed

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GLASTONBURY – Up to ten students at Eastbury Elementary School were brought to a hospital this morning after they were feeling faint and felt dizzy.

Dr. Alan Bookman, Superintendent of Glastonbury Public Schools said the ventilation system was not working which led the school to overheat.

The school was then evacuated as police and firefighters worked to secure the scene.

Parents were immediately notified and were directed to pick their children up at Gideon Welles School where they all reunited.

“It was terrifying. We’re scared for not only your own kids but for all the other kids,” said Glastonbury resident, Larry Niland.

“It’s awful. It’s tough. It’s a first time of that kind of experience and just fortunate that it turned out the way it did,” said Glastonbury resident, Rob Harrison.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection later arrived to collect air quality samples; the results showed no presence of carbon monoxide or any toxic fumes.

“Everybody was scared and like they didn’t know what was happening,” said third grade student, Kayley.

Eastbury Elementary School also just so happens to be the school the Board of Education recently voted to close.

Dr. Bookman said the decision was based strictly on enrollment numbers, something one parent does not agree with.

Niland added, “People purchase homes to go to certain schools in our district and they’re being moved to new schools now.”

However, many parents did tell FOX 61 they thought police and the school handled the situation very well as students and teachers can go back to school feeling relieved.

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