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Man surrenders 20 cats living in SUV to Meriden shelter

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Credit: Meriden Humane Society

MERIDEN — An animal shelter in Meriden is facing what they are calling an emergency situation, after they found out about 20 cats living in a car.

The Meriden Humane Society said that the cats are mostly okay, a few have respitory issues, but that’s treatable. Some of the cats also are pretty thin.

The cats are eating very well according to the shelter, and they are being fed high quality food with nutrients to increase their weight.

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They need to be spayed and neutered before they are adopted. The cats have recieved vaccinations. The shelter said they’re looking for rescues or donations, and that all 20 cats are in need of testing, vaccinations, and spayed or neutering.

The shelter is asking that anyone that can help reach out to Alysia Robinson at 203-605-6988.