Team 26 returns home after 4 day ride to remember Sandy Hook victims

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NEWTOWN - Team 26 returned home Sunday to cheers and applause.

The group rode into town after four days on the road.

Team 26 is a group of cyclists who joined together after the Sandy Hook Tragedy, in honor of the 26 victims. They ride and rally to raise awareness on gun violence, while pushing Congress to pass stricter gun control laws, which they say would make Americans safer.

The cyclists left the nation’s capitol on Thursday on their way to Newtown.

"It was raining as hard as I've ever seen it," says cyclist Monte Frank. "Just kept pedaling because I knew we were headed towards home and with every mile I knew that we were making a difference."

Elected officials joined the cyclists in front of the U.S. Capitol Thursday morning to help raise awareness for the cause. Connecticut Representative Jim Hines said, “No issue, no issue makes me more sad as our failure to stand up to gun violence in this building behind me.”

While Team 26 usually leaves from Connecticut for Washington, this year they did the opposite. They cycled through states that are working to reduce gun violence while stopping in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey before heading home.