Tips for choosing the right summer camp for your child

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Camp Courant Kicks Off For The Summer

HARTFORD – It’s time to start thinking about your summer plans – and for many parents, that means signing your kids up for summer camp.

The Connecticut Business Bureau states there are now a variety of camps that pertain to the interest of your child, including computers, gymnastics, lacrosse, engineering, music, dance, and more.

It can be a stressful process, but Connecticut BBB Spokesman Howard Schwartz released these tips on how to choose a safe camp that will also keep your child entertained:

  • Visit the camp to check its facilities are safe, well-run and properly maintained.
  • Ask about the staff and find out how they are trained, how long they have been working at the camp, and whether they are subject to background checks.
  • Find out how the camp manages medical emergencies, and if there is a medical doctor on site or nearby.
  • Ask about the rules at the camp and how standard behavior and safety rules are enforced. Check what protocols are in place for different activities.
  • Determine if there are any extra fees for activities like outings or overnight camping trips.
  • Speak with other parents and children who attended the camp last year to find out if they recommend it or not.

You can check out to read reviews on others’ experiences at summer camps, or look for a BBB-accredited camp.

The BBB recommends camps that are members of the American Camp Association, and meets its 32 mandatory national summer camp standards