Home security trend is right at your front door

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ROCKY HILL -- It's been happening right at the front door: boxes broken, deliveries tossed, or worse, brazen scenes of home break-ins. There have been an increasing amount of break-in scenes captured of late, largely because of the growing technological counterattack to keep your family safe -- a new wave of home security systems, smaller and more powerful.

The latest trend in home security is keeping professionals like Doug Curtiss busy. Curtiss, who owns Alarm New England in Rocky Hill, says the internet is enabling cameras, home devices, and smart phones to work together.

"You end up with a more secure, better situation in your home," Curtiss said.

The doorbell camera is a newer technology that Curtiss mentioned is garnering plenty of attention from his customers.

"For the bad guys, this is bad news," Curtiss said noting that the cameras interact with smartphones so homeowners can both see and speak to someone on their front porch. "Someone comes to your house and whether you are home or away, you know they are there."

In West Hartford, Lt. Eric Rocheleau said new surveillance technologies now more readily available for home use are helping the efforts of his department.

"It helps when no one is looking," he said. "They have definitely helped us solving crimes."