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Torrington police investigating sexual assaults as one woman speaks out

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TORRINGTON -- A woman’s Facebook post is garnering thousands of shares on Tuesday evening.

The 25-year-old shared a picture of her face and chest badly bruised, after she says she was raped on Sunday. The woman says she was taking a drive on Stillwater Pond Road when she got out of her car to smoke a cigarette and look at the stars and was attacked from behind.

“There was a guy who came up behind me, pushed me on the ground, smashed my face onto the pavement, and that’s when it happened,” said the victim. The victim said she would drive up to the area every night, unable to work since undergoing a brain operation 8 months prior, and looking to get out of the house when possible.

The victim said she never saw her attacker’s face because he ran off. “I just stayed on the ground until I couldn’t hear anything anymore,” she said.

The victim said she then went to a friend’s house before going to the hospital, where she then spoke with police. She said she is not satisfied with the way Torrington Police handled her cause. “It’s who you go to to be protected, and they don’t take it seriously,” she said. ‘They just made you feel bad about look like a liar.”

Torrington Police say they consider sexual assault a major crime. “We’re always on top of crimes like that,” said Torrington Police Detective Kevin Tieman. “We follow up with neighbors. We follow up with reports, social media, cell phones, video surveillance.”

The victim said a Torrington detective told her the department was investigating similar sexual assault cases. Detective Tieman said Torrington Police are investigating two sexual assault cases in which the suspect is unknown to the victim.

“We are on top of these,” said Detective Tieman. “And if there is information that we need to get out there for public safety, we will get it out there.”

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