Branford mother gets help with her son’s bullying from unexpected places

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BRANFORD -- Alicia Mullen's son, Cash has been getting bullied since he was in kindergarten.

Mullen says it's gotten worse ever since her husband, former Deputy Chief Ron Mullen committed suicide in 2015.

"They're saying things to him like jump in front of a train and you should go kill yourself like your dad," says Mullen.

Upset by the constant bullying, Mullen called the superintendent to voice her concerns. After her call, she requested a sit down meeting with the superintendent, but was denied.

"I was upset by it because I thought I was gaining some headway," says Mullen.

But then something unexpected happened. One morning when she was waiting for her son's school bus to arrive when she noticed something in her mailbox. Anonymous letters started pouring in addressed to her son. The letters of support were from kids and parents from all over the state telling her son to be bold.

"It felt pretty good knowing I'm being supported by a whole bunch of people. It's really nice to know that people care," says Cash.

Mullen says she will continue to contact the superintendent's office until she is granted her sit down meeting.