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WEST HARTFORD -- Millennials are known as the generation with a reputation for valuing fun over work. They are today's college students and people in their 20s. Caitlin Kiamie, who is 26-years-old still lives with her parents, but that's all about to change.

"I think I’ll just learn a lot about myself and how to do things like how to do laundry and cook like I've managed to live 25 years and not know how to do those things," Kiamie said.

She works at the local mall selling shoes, and while it's not her dream job, she's content with it, unlike the generations before her. Generation X who cared about success and social status and before that --- the baby boomers – who valued stability, and wanted it as soon as they could get it.

"Millennials are the largest generation of any generation that America’s ever had," said Shari Cantor, Mayor of West Hartford.

Lauren Ratsep on the other hand has had enough.

"That just was where everybody went so even if you just made friends you’d realize they lived in Glastonbury and living up in West Hartford it’s not that far but they wouldn’t be your next door neighbors or people you could meet up with every week," Ratsep said.

Ratsep said while it's great to be right in the center of restaurants, shopping and nightlife, there's a trade off, in the form of a roommate and living in an older house.

She now lives in Simsbury about a half hour away from the center, in a brand new apartment.

Mayor Cantor said West Hartford is planning more fun and cheap attractions. They just opened a new brewery on New Park Ave and an Escape Room.

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