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In West Haven, it’s time to make the Pizza Donuts!

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WEST HAVEN -- In the history books, there are plenty of great foods that have come together successfully:

At the West End Bistro in West Haven, Jeff Lamberti says he has the next big merger ready: a pizza donut.

For the long time chef, the idea didn’t come to him in the kitchen.

“I went to bed, had a dream about pizza and donuts, woke up, came to work, and made a pizza donut”

After a few tries, he had success. And then, a photo that went viral, leading to hundreds of thousands of views, and now, hundreds of orders.

“I didn’t think it would take off the way it did.”

It all starts with a foccacia dough. Add some italian cheeses, and make a donut. For the donut part, into the fryer it goes for a bath and a flip.  Now comes the frosting? The glaze? No, the Sunday gravy! After a quick trip into the oven, and a garnish of greens, it’s ready for first time pizza donut eater Jimmy Nuzzo

“It looks good, I like the top. It’s got the sauce, it’s got everything I like!”

The orders are coming from everywhere

Said Lamberti, “Somebody called from Boston the other day.”

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