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Video shows rescuers trying to save people in sinking van

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VENICE, FL -- The investigation continues into a van accident in Florida that left two people dead.

Authorities say the van plunged into waters off Venice. Video shows the moments shortly after the van entered the water.

In this brand new video, you can see the white van had just plunged into the water off the south jetty.

Tim Cobb and a few nearby boaters rushed to help.

"When I swam up to the windows to begin with, the gentleman in the passenger seat was trying to unlock the doors and just with all the water pressure, it was impossible to open the doors," said Cobb.

Inside was the driver, 64 year old Carol Hayden and her father, 88 year old Eugene Hayden.

The van quickly filled with water and was carried away by the current as one of the boaters broke open a back window, all to no avail.

"They were frozen with fear, but they were definitely trying to get out. I gave him the unlock the door and he was pulling on the handle, and I had both of my feet up against the van trying to get the door open, but with thousands of pounds worth of water pressure it just wouldn't budge."

Once the van went under, Cobb knew the situation would be hopeless, the visibility was too poor. Hours later, the two were found dead.

"Oh it was awful, it was the most disappointing thing I've ever gone through in my life."

Venice police thanked Cobb and other good Samaritans for their efforts in trying to rescue the two people inside the van.

Authorities are still investigating what led to the van going into the water.


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