A Bridgeport DJ eases tensions in the community after a deadly week

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BRIDGEPORT -- Darrell Baskin knew he had to do something to fix his community.

Baskin, a lifelong Bridgeport resident, was experiencing what several other community members were feeling -- stress. His community just finished living through a week where Jayson Negron attended. Negron was shot and killed Tuesday by Patrolman James Boulay when the stolen car he was driving struck an officer. Baskin felt it was time to take matters into his own hands.

Baskin works at a local Dunkin' Donuts and performs DJ gigs on the side. He organized a free, all day Mother's Day event for anyone to enjoy. With his own money, he bought doughnuts, coffee, burgers and hot dogs for over 300 community members. Along with the food were several other DJs performing throughout the evening.

Baskin says the event added a much needed sense of peace in a city that's been quite hectic over the past several days.

"Just try and come together to stop the violence. Come together you know, stop the killing. Have fun. Just live life," says Baskin.

Diane Chalhoub, a mother of four, was the life of the party. Not only was she partying for Mother's day but she was also celebrating her birthday.

"I'm only 50 once," says Chalhoub who was sporting a big red nose on her face. "I'm able to come and get with these people here at the Dunkin Donuts festival and with DJ Wiz. I`m piggybacking and I`m loving it."

After living through a rough week and seeing the change in the community this day, Chalhoub was reminded of the change she made in her life in order to be a good mother to her sons.

"I was one of those women out there in the drug game and the crazy game. I almost killed my son because I was in the drug game. Now to watch all four of my kids graduate from high school because I'm their newfound mom drug free since they were coming up in high school, I feel so blessed, so great, so wonderful to be their mom," says Chalhoub.

Baskin says this won't be his last event. He plans to hold a similar event this coming Father's Day.