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Jayson Negron family member speaks out after officer-involved shooting in Bridgeport

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BRIDGEPORT -- Giovanni Rivera remembered his cousin Jayson Negron as a gifted and beautiful 15-year-old.

Negron was shot and killed by Bridgeport Police last Tuesday evening, after reportedly pinning an officer with a stolen car during an attempted traffic stop. The officer shot into the car, killing Negron and injuring his passenger.

Cell phone video Rivera released on Twitter shows Negron lying on the street after the shooting. Rivera, 24, said his cousin was left to die. He is now looking for answers from Bridgeport Police.

"It's just so convenient to say, 'Oh this kid was a troubled kid, he was doing the wrong thing or he was brought up the wrong way,'" said Rivera. "It's so easy to do that. It's so convenient to do that, to try to justify murder."

Rivera acknowledges that Negron should not have been driving, but said the family does not believe that Negron knew the car was stolen, or that Negron pinned the officer with the car.

Michael Stratton, attorney for passenger Julian Fyffe, tweeted on Saturday that there was "no evidence that car was stolen." On Sunday, he tweeted that Walgreens released its surveillance video to police, but not the public.

The ACLU is now calling for that surveillance video -- and any other pertinent surveillance video -- to be made public. ACLU Executive Director David McGuire called the cell phone video deeply upsetting and said it leaves so much unanswered.

"Lots of questions," said McGuire. "Why? Why was medical care not rendered? Why was he [Negron] not moved at some point?"

The ACLU is also calling for the immediate implementation of dash cameras and body cameras throughout the Bridgeport Police Department. "They should just put the facts out there," said McGuire.

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