StubHub to close its East Granby location

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EAST GRANBY --  StubHub has announced that they will move their East Granby location to Salt Lake City, Utah next year.

The company said it would not renew its lease come June 2018.

In 2011, StubHub announced its expansion and it increased space usage as well as added more employees.

However, its footprint in Connecticut is going away.

A StubHub spokesman said the move is a “strategic business decision” and added “East Granby has been our North American hub for customer service for more than 12 years and we are grateful for all of the support we’ve received from the community.”

Employees were told to not speak to media on-camera but some did tell FOX 61 they will have to try to find another job.

First Selectman, Jim Hayden said he is going to try to work with the state to see if the jobs can be saved.

He said StubHub paid $64,000 worth of taxes to the Town of East Granby, so if the building is left unoccupied, it could potentially have a negative impact on the town’s revenue.

“Financial decisions are made by businesses every day. In this particular case, we certainly would like the opportunity to discuss it with them to see if there’s anything that the state or the Town of East Granby can do,” said Hayden.

The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development issued a statement that said “Anytime a company decides to relocate operations out of state, it is disappointing news for the impacted workers and their families – and the regional economy as a whole. We continue to aggressively fight to retain and grow jobs in Connecticut, and I am encouraged by the increasing number of companies expanding and establishing operations here.”

Those also feeling the pain are small businesses nearby such as Gio’s Pizzeria.

“We do a lot of business with them. They come in, they get lunch all the time, they come in after work and get a couple of drinks and we know a lot of people, so it’s really said, said Ashley Lindberg, Gio’s Pizzeria Assistant Manager.

With East Granby being a small town, Ashley said she is sure there will be a decline in her business once the company leaves.