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Car break-ins becoming a growing issue across Connecticut

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AVON --  Once the sun sets, parking lots, with dozens of parked cars become a prime hunting ground for crooks.

"All the thefts have happen at 2-3 o'clock in the morning," said Avon resident Ray Rosario.

Rosario lives in the Avon Mill Apartment Complex where earlier this year, thieves shattered his car windows overnight and even stole the tires and rims off his brand new car.

"We feel helpless. You work hard for what you have. I mean, and to have some of these people just steal your stuff and probably sell it for drugs," said Rosario.

However, in recent weeks, criminals have been taking off with people's personal belongings without much effort in Avon.

And not just there, a number of thefts are being reported across the state, with burglars checking for unlocked cars while most of you are asleep and then, stealing everything inside.

"They'll go into a neighborhood and they'll hit easily 20-30 cars in one swoop," said Lt. Patrick Buckley of Farmington police.

Lt. Buckley said they too are investigating a number of car break-ins. Earlier this week, a surveillance camera captured thieves targeting unlocked cars in a main street area. In Simsbury, police had to use stop sticks to bring a stolen car to a stop after a group of men sped off when officers caught them rummaging through cars at a condo complex.

"They are hard to catch in the act. They use lookouts and they use the cover of darkness to help them," said Lt. Buckley.

That's why Lt. Buckley is asking you to leave your outside lights on to help police patrolling your neighborhood and more importantly, lock your doors.

"Be aware, be cautious," said Rosario.

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