UConn: Man tries to run over UConn officers on Storrs Campus

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STORRS —  A Spokesperson for the University of Connecticut, said a Mansfield man tried to run police officers over Wednesday.

Spokesperson, Stephanie Reitz said the incident occurred around 3 p.m., where UConn police were told a driver was yelling from his car at people by Mansfield Road on the Storrs Campus.

Reitz said police pulled the vehicle over, but the driver sped at them and tried to strike them with the car as they approached on foot to speak with him.

“They were able to get out of its path and were uninjured, but the car struck a tree and fled the scene. It was reported by others shortly afterward to be driving erratically on several nearby Mansfield residential roads,” said Reitz.

Shortly after, calls started to come in of someone driving erratically on several roads in Mansfield. Officers found the car and arrested the driver, whose name has yet to be released.

During the investigation, police learned the driver has a history of mental illness, which may have contributed to the incident, said Reitz.

UConn police said they’re thankful the driver didn’t injure himself or anyone else. The man was taken to the hospital for evaluation and is expected to face charges, said Reitz.