Heat makes many jobs more difficult, but relaxing easy

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GUILFORD -- On a day like today,shade helps.

But that’s if you’re relaxing. If you’re working? It’s a different story.

M & M’s don’t melt in your hand,or the hot sun, but Sandi Manna of M&M garden designs? She might. “I'm not used to this heat yet.”

The problem? It’s May. And Spring. Not a day when you’d normally expect the air quality to be rough across the shoreline.

“It takes your body a while to adjust to the heat, body’s aren’t used to this temperature”, said Manna.

So on this summer teaser, they work a little slower. They won't do heavy lifting, like installing larger trees

“It’s just too hard on the body it takes too much effort.”

But with temperatures in the 90s at Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middletown, families enjoyed the sunshine and they were happy to have a way to cool off too

At Air, Inc, the hotter the forecast, the more frequent the calls, according to Wayne Krasnow “The forecast said we’re gonna have a lot of phone calls from people with no air conditioning.”

Five crews across the state, earning a lot of overtime, just to get the AC on again.

Over in Guilford, long days working on Long Hill Road, are made longer thanks to the heat . And if you’re outside working, construction, electric, or landscaping, there’s only one way for instant relief, and on this early pre-summer practice day, water is your only friend .

“We tend to get dehydrated more easily, so when you’re bending down like this, you stand up, and you get a little lightheaded," said Manna.

AAA had some hot weather tips for drivers.