New London School district faces new budget cuts

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NEW LONDON -- Budget issues from the capitol are slashing its was to New London.

The city's finance committee voted Thursday to cut the Board of Education's budget by $1 million dollars. The move would force the school district to cut several programs and initiate lay offs in several schools. Board of Education president Scott Garbini says the cut would also force the school to get rid of it's Adult Learning program.

“I’m thinking of the people that we’re eliminating from actually doing something with their life and trying to improve themselves," says Garbini.

But the fight isn't over.

Garbini says the vote to cut the budget was illegal. According to the City's charter, a majority of the finance committee needs to vote in favor of such a cut. He says three out of the five finance committee members appeared for the vote, two voted in favor while the other member abstained.

The New London City Council will decide on the legality of the vote in a week. If they claim the vote is illegal, the $1 million will be given back to the Board of Education.