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HARTFORD -- Impact Mart is a store on a mission to solve the world’s biggest problems through retail. They sell everything people use in their daily lives, from apparel to household tools, so that everyone can live each day with purpose.

The owners, Saroj and Lanna Nawa, are passionate about volunteering for various causes and really took matters into their own hands in 2015, when a massive earthquake struck Nepal, taking thousands of innocent lives. They were at UConn at the time but really wanted to help, so that summer, they organized car washes, lemonade stands, and a road race to raise over $8,000.

After Saroj graduated in December of 2015, he immediately flew over to Nepal and built a school there. After that experience, he wanted to keep making an impact. They recognized not everyone has the time, money, and ability to travel like they could, but felt solving world problems was crucial to providing a better future for generations to come. They were motivated to build something that made it easier for everyone to keep generating change and this is what inspired the creation of Impact Mart.

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