For National EMS Week, putting out the call

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NORWICH -- First responders are all about answering the call but this week they are calling on the public.

For National EMS Week, paramedics and EMS personnel are making a plea to increase their numbers. Greg Allard, the Chairman of the Connecticut EMS Advisory Board says EMS Week provides a platform to appeal to anyone who wants to join the ranks of first responders statewide.

"It's a growing concern not only in Connecticut but across the country to get people interested in our profession," Allard said. Allard, who also works at American Ambulance Service in Norwich, went on to say he and his colleagues are "doing all they can" to attract a new group to become paramedics.

Recently the EMS Advisory Board created a PSA in hopes of amplifying their message. "We just want to promote and enhance the image of EMS, it's an admirable profession," said Bob Ziegler, an EMS instructor and paramedic who is part of the advisory board. New Britain EMS veteran Lt. Vic Morrone said the job is "the most rewarding job that I've ever had."

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