Pet of the Week – Ipy

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HARTFORD -- Ipy loves to be held against your chest and will give you a hug! She seems to enjoy that more than being on your lap, but she will settle for a lap, as well.

She is 1.5 years old and she’s been at the Ct Humane Society since January.

She came from a local animal control facility and she arrived very pregnant, so she stayed in a foster home to have her 6 kittens and raise them.

She was having some bathroom problems, so they did tests and an ultrasound with a specialist, which eventually found she had several small bladder stones that had been too small to see on the x-rays.

Those stones were surgically removed and she’s on special food now so she doesn’t develop more of them. She may need this certain type of food for life, but it could change, depending on discussions with a vet on how she is doing.

Ipy doesn't like dogs but she might be OK around other cats.

Kids should be OK if they are a little older, and respectful and gentle of pets.

For more information on Ipy, or other pets that need homes, contact the CT Humane Society.