Rapper Meek Mill, Oakdale theater in Wallingford sued over fatal concert shooting

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WALLINGFORD — Rapper Meek Mill and the Oakdale Theatre are being sued over a fatal shooting following a concert in December.

The shooting outside the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford killed 31-year-old Travis Ward and 20-year-old Jaquan Graves, both of New Haven. Two others were injured, including 25-year-old Nathan Mitchell, of Hartford. No arrests have been made.

Joel Faxson who represents Mitchel and Ward  says the violence should have never happened.

"Nobody was there to get shot. People were there to see a show," says Faxson.

Ward's family and Mitchell filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Waterbury Superior Court accusing the Philadelphia-born rapper and theater of not having adequate security. The lawsuit says Meek Mill's lyrics incite violence and there were shootings at two of his other concerts.

The multi-million dollar lawsuit targets Meek Mill, The Oakdale theater and several promoters. Faxon claims the venue knew the show would create a security issue before the concert began.

"They called the Wallingford police for assistance just a couple of hours before the event. Wallingford police said look, you can't call us up only a couple hours before the event on a holiday weekend and expect we're going to call in a bunch of people on overtime," says Faxson.

He claims violence erupted at previous shows from the rapper. Given the history and nature of the climate, Faxson says it was the responsibility of all parties involved to provide adequate security during the show.

Faxon says the summons have been sent to all parties involved.

A representative for the rapper, whose real name is Robert Williams did not return a message Tuesday. A spokeswoman for the theater's owner, Live Nation, declined to comment.

Rapper Meek Mill sued over concert shooting