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EAST HAVEN --  There have been no tax increases for residents of East Haven for the last several years. And now, there's more good news for many homeowners along the Farm River, who will no longer required to purchase flood insurance.

When East Haven Mayor, Joseph Maturo, first took office 20 years ago, his public works department immediately started thinning out, brushing and rebuilding bridges to create a better flow for the Farm River. Now, the federal authorities are finally recognizing their efforts.

After recently examining satellite images, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has remapped the Farm River flood zone resulting in owners of over 200 homes no longer having to pay flood insurance.

Maturo said some of them will realize savings upwards of $400 or $500 per month. Some residents in the zone said it's about time their money is freed up.

"We haven't been flooded in over 20 years," said April Rivera, who adds that she's helping her $1,900 per year flood insurance payment will go away.

if you have been required to pay flood insurance and live along the Farm River, the town engineers office wants to hear from you.

"We produce a letter from the town engineer's office explaining the situation to their lender," said Jerry Tramontano, Administrative Assistant to the town engineer.

"I got a loan from the bank and the bank would not give me a loan without flood insurance," said Barbara Weed, who pays roughly $500 a year for flood insurance.

Residents who live in this zone can click here to see if their home is still in the flood zone, which would require them to continue purchasing flood insurance.

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