Police ID mother of newborn abandoned in Danbury

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DANBURY -- The mother has been identified who abandoned her baby whose umbilical cord was still attached in Danbury.

Police were looking for her after the discovery of the a newborn baby boy behind a grocery store Sunday night.

The baby was wrapped in women's clothing when he was found. Images of that clothing that were made public helped lead police to the mother early Friday.

"The baby boy is still being evaluated at a local hospital," said Danbury police Thursday night.

"At this time she's being treated at a local hospital," Danbury police said Friday morning. "That was the main concern."

The mother was identified just after midnight Friday, according to police, who said the mother's identity isn't being released to the public.

Police said that the investigation is still ongoing.

It's unclear if the mother will face abandonment charges.

Connecticut has safe haven law that allows parents of infants 30 days old or younger to bring the child to a hospital without fear of charges.