Bikers visiting Farmington take the high road on mission in motion

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FARMINGTON -- The road is long for a pair of bikers trying to raise money and spirits during their journey.

Tom Palmer and Tom Asher are known as the Motorrad Angels -- founders of a biker group driven to do good deeds. Atlanta based, the two have taken to roads (mostly dirt roads) in third world countries like Peru and Colombia to promote clean water initiatives and help deliver filtration systems to impoverished, hard to reach villages. "We're a group of adventure riders, riding with a purpose," Tom Palmer said. "We can go anywhere (on our motorcycles) so why not stop and do something that really makes a difference in someone's life." Palmer and Asher, who ride souped up BMW 1200 motorcycles, are now on American roads, trying to amplify their message and raise money for their cause.

"We love the adventure aspect of it," Asher said. "You really see the need for what we're doing right now." The pair drum up support via social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and get other bikers to help with projects and join them on various rides. Palmer, who sold his automobile dealerships a few years ago, told Fox 61 that he is mostly funding the charity ride himself. "It's a passion and it's a mission," Palmer said. "Every mile it's paying it forward."

Palmer and Asher are heading to Canada and into Alaska aboard their bikes in the weeks ahead to try and continue to get their message out. "It's a mile at a time and a project at a time," he added. To find out more about the Motorrad Angels click

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