Shoreline restaurants take a hit due to bad weather

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MADISON --  There are arrows pointing everywhere outside Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale in Madison, lobsters that way, the carousel this way. For manager Tim Pfaff, the most important arrow these days point up.

"Weather is huge thing for all the businesses on the shoreline," said Pfaff.

So when Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, is unofficially awful, shoreline businesses take a hit.

"Yesterday, I worked all day. Yesterday we had, I think, four families sitting in the pavilion," said Pfaff.

Down Route 1 in Guilford is 'The Place.' Everybody knows about it on the shoreline. Owner, Vaughn Knowles, said "great people love to be outside and eat outside, so we accommodate them."

Since 1971 folks have been pulling up stumps for dinner, everything but the bathrooms are outside so when the weather isn’t great, like recently, "tables, we probably did a tenth of what we would've done."

Good relationships with vendors is key and for the place, a tent is an insurance option. But when 36 weekend days make up half of the revenue for the summer, no-rain dances only go so far .

"You never make up what you’d lose on a weekend." said Knowles.