Branford police arrest father, son after wild motorcycle ride, assault

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BRANFORD — Police arrested two men, and are still seeking a third, after what they described as a wild ride over lawns, a collision with a cruiser, and ending with alleged assault on an officer.

Gino Vella, 19, of Branford, was charged with assault on a peace officer, threatening 2nd degree, reckless endangerment 1st. degree, breach of peace 2nd degree, 2 counts of interfering with an officer, engaging in pursuit, reckless driving, improper operation on a public highway. He is being held on a $50,000 bond.

His father, Anthony Vella, 55, of Branford, was charged with interfering with an officer and is being held on a $2,500 bond. Police said both will be arraigned in New Haven Court Friday morning.

Police said around 6 p.m. Thursday they responded to reports of two motorcycles being driven in a reckless manner on Brushy Plain Road from North Branford. Officer Jay Kaufman saw the motorcycles nearby on Hosley Avenue. Police said, “As Kaufman began to follow the operators, they reversed direction, heading at Kaufman’s police cruiser, kicking it on the way by. Kaufman and Officer Mark Andrew then located the operators a short distance away in the Foxbridge Village area. The motorcyclists continued to operate hazardously over roadways and lawns in the congested condominium complex, endangering many adults and children walking in the area.”

Police said the motorcyclists then took off on Brushy Plain Road traveling north and split apart at the intersection of Brushy Plain and Brookwood Drive. Moments later, police said Gino Vella hit a cruiser at the intersection of Brookwood and Victor Hill Drive and Vella, who they said was wearing a bandana covering his face, lunged into the passenger window of the cruiser, attempting to assault Officer Andrew. Police said as Detective Arthur Ferris pulled Vella from the window attempting to take him into custody, Vella bit Detective Ferris on the hand.

Police said Vella’s father, Anthony, along with a juvenile tried to come to Gino’s aid and were detained.

Police said he juvenile was released to a parent and the second motorcyclist has not been identified.