Karate kid, mom from Durham make it to the big stage

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WALLINGFORD -- Clearly the family that spars together, stays together, at least in the case of the Rinaldi family from Durham.

Carolyn Rinaldi, 46, and her son Tim Rinaldi, 15, are both black belts in karate and were recently picked to represent the U.S. National Karate Team in the Karate World Cup Tournament which will take place in Limerick, Ireland in August.

"I was happy to just be asked to tryout," said Carolyn who is a third degree black belt. "Being named to the team, I'm flabbergasted, I'm so honored."

Tim, a freshman in high school, will compete in the 15-year-old division of the Japan Karate Association at the world competition.

"It was so awesome and I'm so honored to be on the team. It's so cool hearing we both can go."

Working out with a class at the Wallingford YMCA, mother and son exchanged kicks and worked in unison through various martial arts forms, part of their five-day a week training regimen.

"Going there (to Ireland) will be a once in a lifetime experience," Tim said.

Carolyn added, "I'm just floored to be training with my son. We will make the U.S. look good."

The Rinaldi's are raising money to help fund their trip. You can donate here.