State Police Union President: Layoffs have been put on hold

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HARTFORD — FOX61 has learned several Connecticut State Police troopers may be a step closer to keeping their jobs. State Police Union President, Andrew Matthews, has confirmed with FOX61 that layoffs have been put on hold.

A few weeks ago notices were given to four lieutenants, two sergeants and five troopers. In response, a lieutenant’s wife created an online petition that gained more than 2,500 supporters in less than a week and was sent to Governor Malloy. Layoffs are on hold pending a vote on union contracts, Matthews said.

The Connecticut State Police Union has been working with state auditors to try to figure out ways to mitigate spending and save jobs. Union leadership said the potential layoffs come at a time when the ranks are already thin and, if enacted, could endanger public safety.

To view the online petition, click here.