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Clergy leaders, family members speak out for more public investigation into death of Jayson Negron

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BRIDGEPORT — Family members of Jayson Negron‘s joined CONECT clergy this morning at 10am.  One or more of Jayson’s aunts are expected to attend and say a few words. They spoke out on the investigation into the death of Jayson Negron.

On May 9th, state police said Negron pinned 30-year-old James Boulay with a reported stolen car, forcing Boulay to fire into the vehicle. He hit Negron and a passenger. The video shows Negron outside the car and handcuffed on the ground. But his head can be seen moving from one side to another indicating that he’s still alive.

Giovanni Rivera, Negron’s cousin says his cousin’s death is unjustifiable, which has become a common sentiment heard in the city.

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