Weather causes slowdowns for landscapers

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HARTFORD --  Rachel Blundon-Klein’s Madison Earth Care sends out five to eight crews out every day, weather permitting . And lately, the weather isn’t permitting.

"How are we going to get all of this work done with this rain?", she asks. "We just have to work in the rain right now, it’s our only choice, otherwise we wouldn’t get things done right now."

Over at Vaiuso’s in Branford, if the rain is coming, customers sometimes won’t, leaving all of the color in the greenhouse, said Marc Vaiuso. "We like to see things moving, it slows things down.”

Rain has been a mixed blessing for their customers' gardens.

Believe it or not, it’s the scheduling that causes the biggest headaches for landscapers because they’re at the mercy of the weather, every morning they have to check the weather. If the ground is too soaked up from rain, they can’t do certain kinds of work.

According to Blundon-Klein, "It really affects the pace of which the guys are able to work, but more so, when the ground is so wet there are lawns we can’t go on, there are machines that can’t go on them.”

The good news for these businesses, who have been shoreline staples for years is, that they know the weather may change, but business remains constant, as long as they roll with the punches.